Fiddler's Green

About Us

A couple infront of the house

Fiddler's Green is a testament to the love, dedication, and vision of Chris and Heather Dempsey. Situated on forty acres of lush forests and fields, this venue is a magnificent showcase of heritage and natural beauty, nestled in Jacksonville, Alabama. The Dempsey's built their home on this land, which has been a cherished part of their family for five generations, skillfully crafting a property that harkens back to the charm of a mid 1800's country estate​.

A couple in the carriage house

The venue resonates with an authentic and timeless elegance, offering a variety of unique structures, including Ruby's Chapel, The Gristmill, The Carriage House, The Barn, and The House, each exuding its own distinct character and charm. Ruby's Chapel, for instance, is a blend of vintage chic and classic charm, boasting handmade wrought iron chandeliers, nineteenth-century hand-blown glass windows, and a cast iron bell that tolls to announce significant moments. The Gristmill, opened in 2019, stands as a unique venue favorite, radiating a mix of 19th-century charm and modern farmhouse aesthetics, while the Carriage House, adorned with early 19th-century carriage house doors, shiplap, and French doors, serves as a stunning bridal suite​.

Chris Dempsey playing the Fiddle before a wedding

The property further offers access to a quaint Victorian garden, a barn positioned on an amazing field, and various other amenities that enhance the experiences of those who choose Fiddler's Green for their events. The venue accommodates up to 250 guests outside and 75 guests inside The Chapel, ensuring the comfort of all attendees. With a plethora of antique decorations and a range of rentable items such as tables, x-back bistro chairs, and china, Fiddler's Green provides a multitude of ways to personalize your special day.

The play house

From its inception in 2007, Fiddler's Green has been more than just a venue; it's an experience, a place where dreams are realized, and memories are crafted. Heather and Chris Dempsey invite you to share in the history, beauty, and charm that is Fiddler's Green, where every event is a journey back in time, filled with elegance and unforgettable moments.